september 24, 2022

Five Reasons to Switch to our Lotion Bar

New to lotion bars? We're here to break down five reasons it's time to make the switch from traditional liquid body lotion to our Organic Cocoa Lotion Body Bar.

ONE | 100% Plastic Free

It's estimated that every day 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans and waterways. (Link) And 36% of plastic produced is just used for packaging and even more, 85% of that doesn't end up recycled and ends in a landfill. (Link)

If you're looking for a way to reduce your plastic-footprint switching to a lotion bar is the perfect, plastic free and eco alternative.

TWO | Perfect for travel

Lightweight and compact, our cocoa lotion body bar is the perfect companion for travel. It's a liquid-less formulation, so not only is it TSA approved but no messes or spills for you! This bar is here to keep your skin hydrated wherever your adventure takes you.

THREE | Waterless formulation

Our waterless formulation (anhydrous) not only means that there is no need for icky preservatives, but a waterless formulation means less weight, less shipping, and overall lower carbon footprint.

FOUR | Made with organic ingredients

Made with just four organic ingredients that provide deep skin hydration and nourishment. Our ingredients go beyond the top layer of the skin to renew and restore and 24/7 moisture.

Safe for all skin types, mommas-to-be and babies!

FIVE | Smells amazing

Our Cocoa Lotion Body Bar is free of all synthetic fragrance (aka...known hormone disruptors) Our original bar is free of any added fragrance and smells like hints of cocoa butter (the main ingredient) but give our Lavender or Citronella bar a try if you like a little scent!